Instant Miracle: Garage Makeover in Encino

Is there such a thing as a homeowner who doesn’t want their home to be welcoming and charming? Perhaps to some the right term would be stylish or elegant. The moment we finished hanging the Universal 325 with Stockton Windows, the whole character of the home changed. All it took was a great style of new garage door.

While the old door had some imagination used in designing it, as you can see below it was flat and did nothing for the exterior of this home.

Vintage isn't always good, like this outdated garage door. Encino homeowners need better security!

There’s a little more to the story here though, on this particular job. This isn’t just a beauty application in terms of getting a more stylish garage door. Chances are, the challenge the current homeowner faced in getting from past to present curb appeal is the underlying reason to why the original garage door stayed intact as long as it did. The first stop was Home Depot, where the lady inquired about having a new garage door installed. They told her it couldn’t be done, and so did other garage door companies around Encino that she called looking for a solution to updating the garage and the stylishness of the home.

The situation is simply that due to the age of the garage, the design was totally centered on lift arm mechanisms and single piece garage doors. In it’s day, this was state of the art. Today’s modern sectional doors make it impossible to have both tracks and be able to enter the garage from the house. Home Depot told her to move the door opening. As if this was an option.

Luckily, the homeowner located the phone number for Archway Garage Doors, or she might still be pulling out her hair over the garage door nightmare that just wouldn’t go away. As we claim, if there’s a solution to your tricky situation, we’ll find it. This customer can heartily attest to that fact. The solution here was to take a sectional garage door look and apply it to a one-piece door. Not something you’ll find available just anywhere in the 21st century. However, when there’s a will there’s a way… as you can see in the full shot of her gorgeous new garage door below.

A specially built door for a special situation.

See why you shouldn’t just accept what other people tell you about your garage door? There are garage door companies and then there are specialists like Archway. We’ve provided excellent solutions to dilemmas like this to a growing number of beyond satisfied homeowners all over our service area. Don’t settle for less – call us today.

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