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When it comes to garage doors in Calabasas, CA, you need a professional that can handle your needs. Archway Garage Doors has been helping the area with their repair & installation needs for years. We take pride in what we do and are always learning new techniques to stay current in our industry.

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New garage door designs offer lots of great options. This makes it easy to add instant exterior improvements that carry a lot of weight in increasing any home's attractiveness, even in lower market value ranges.

Homes with arched windows and doorways need different garage door design elements than those that have squared and boxy architectural features. This working with and not against the other shapes used in your home's overall design makes the garage door become one with the whole, rather than an added afterthought or a thing of utility. If standard colors don't go with the house, that doesn't make a white garage door the right one. In this situation, you're wiser to invest in a better grade door if at all possible, or paint the door to match.

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No one plans on needing garage door repair. Calabasas homeowners who are shopping for a new door are often more concerned with the price than how long it will give them worry-free use and beauty. You will be farther ahead at saving money with a good quality door every time. They are always made of better materials, cost less to maintain, and look great for decades. Better springs, better tracks and panels that won't dent or fall apart every time you turn around. The same is true of garage door openers, so invest wisely.

Responsible citizens are looking for ways to cut back on energy use without reducing their quality of life. A well-constructed garage door with good insulation will help to keep rooms above and around your garage more ambient in climate extremes. Just like shopping for windows to reduce your home's heating and cooling demands, the higher the R rating on your garage door, the more money you'll save every year.

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James at Archway Garage Doors installed my new garage door and WiFi garage door opener. Once installed, he set up the garage door opener and taught me how to work it. He did an amazing job and left everything neat and clean.Karen H.