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Archway Garage Doors is proud to offer specialized garage door installation & repair services to homeowners in Thousand Oaks CA. We understand how important garage doors can be for, not only the look, but the function of your home's entryways. This is why we offer quality products and reliable service.

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No matter what your home is worth in today's market, area residents have big concerns about the environment and the cost of household energy use. Installing insulated garage doors actually saves you money every month for years on end by protecting the interior rooms around or over the garage from extreme weather. Obviously, if you are using less electricity or gas to heat and cool your home, you're also reducing your carbon footprint. Something everyone should keep in mind when shopping for a new garage door.

Garage Door Repair Thousand Oaks CA

Professional Overhead Garage Door Service & Maintenance

While it's not something you will need every month, or even seasonally, the quality of the door and opener system you choose is directly connected to the need for garage door repair. Thousand Oaks calls for service due to broken garage door springs or the garage door off track get less and less common as door quality increases. The same is true of the operating system. These types of repairs are usually a surprise and can happen at the worst time possible. Additionally, not being able to get into or out of your garage can be an emergency.

We highly recommend that all homeowners purchase the best garage door and opener for their budget. Not only will your home be more attractive and more interesting when you look beyond the basic garage door, but you'll definitely be saving money all the way around – on utilities, panel replacement, and other garage door repairs.

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James showed up at 10am on the dot, just as the appointment called for. He replaced both my springs at a very reasonable price and serviced my door and opener while he was at it. Archway is always my go-to garage door company.Glen D.