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You'll find stylish homes of any architectural type in Santa Clarita, and in just about any neighborhood. A home's market value, while influencing the quality of appointments, really doesn't reflect how stylish it is. Yes, you'll find that many elegant homes are in the higher price ranges, but not all of them. A great looking house has character and makes the right statement from the street. The trick is working with existing shapes in its architecture and making excellent use of color. All the pieces have to work together well to create the impact you need, that thing called curb appeal.

It's interesting to note as you drive around town that most homeowners pay more attention to the style of their front door than the garage door. Santa Clarita homes generally have the garage next to or close to the front door and both are visible from the street. Mind you, the door that opens into your foyer is tiny when compared to the one on your garage. The greatest front door in the world can't possibly create the curb appeal you're looking for competing with something four times larger and more conspicuous.

In recent years, manufacturers have made great changes in the design of garage doors. In Santa Clarita, there is really no need to have a white garage door, yet its the most common color you see. Even white houses usually have far more appeal without a white garage door. There is such a thing as too much of one color. Curb appeal is an interest factor; one that draws people up the driveway. That's the secret to homes that sell fast and command top dollar. Yes, garage doors carry a lot of weight. They're also an investment that pays you back 90% of the cost - in any neighborhood.


There are even more ways that having a quality garage door will be of great interest to savvy homeowners. All of them will save you money down the road. No doubt, you like most people these days, prefer low maintenance over costly, time-consuming chores and repairs. Better quality doors will need less attention than lower priced models. This means you won't have much need for garage door repair. Santa Clarita homeowners should consider just how much it can cost overtime to pay for things like panel replacement because children play in the yard, or poor quality tracks and springs that have a habit of breaking once the warranty ends.

Beware of doors that are much less inexpensive than the rest. These will be very high maintenance and will have you in the market for a new garage door in a very short time. Like the shingles on your roof, one should get decades of value out of the investment in a garage door. It's an important permanent part of the exterior of any home, as well as part of your home's security.

A garage door in any climate should be insulated. The higher the R value, the less strain your home will put on both the environment and your wallet. Lessening the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling the rooms above and around the garage will pay off in the months and years ahead.

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