It doesn't matter at what stage of homeownership you are at right now, maximizing the value of it is smart. This is the largest investment most people make, one that will hopefully be profitable when it comes time to sell. The biggest improvement factor that many overlook is garage doors. Lancaster real estate tips for getting a home ready to put on the market say the front door is crucial, yet they don't enlighten you to the importance of your garage door.

The front door is only 3-feet wide! Look at how much larger your garage door is. If it can be seen from the street, it is much more critical than you might assume. Lancaster garage doors are a major portion of the exterior walls of a house. If the door's design doesn't work with the rest of the structure's lines and coloring, your home is not making the statement it could.

Naturally, replacing a garage door isn't the least expensive tactic in home improvement and unfortunately, many people buy the cheapest door they can find that fits the opening. You're doing your investment a great injustice with this strategy. Lancaster garage doors that complement the home, rather than being plainly utilitarian, are proven to repay you 90% of the cost at the time of closing.

The time to start worrying about getting a home ready to market isn't a few weeks before listing it. This should be an ongoing process you get started on soon after moving in.


With an eye toward lessening our carbon footprint and reducing monthly bills, your garage door choice can help you with both goals. Insulated garage doors keep the garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This is proven to reduce the energy demand for heating and cooling the rooms next to or above the garage to maintain indoor temperatures.

Then there are the surprise costs of garage door repair. Lancaster homeowners who have the lowest-priced-available garage doors can count on things like panel replacement due to low density steel outer panels that are too thin and dent easily. Your garage door shouldn't get rumpled because a football accidentally hit it. Better quality doors will also have better tracks, springs, and other moving parts, as well as longer warranties. That great buy you might be looking at right now will cost you much more than you are counting on in the end.

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