Garage Door Studio City Transformation

Leaving the basic garage door behind offers you some exciting possibilities. So, let's take a look at just how much a garage door, Studio City, can change your home. This one element can add a great deal of style and personality to a house. It carries up to five times more impact than your front door!

This older home in Studio City has that small one-car garage popular in the 'family car' era, and the door takes up about 90% of the garage's face. The original garage door seen below definitely needed much more than a fresh coat of paint. And why should a homeowner be required to strip and paint the door every year when we live in the age of baked on finishes and overly hectic schedules?

Garage Door Studio City Transformation Complete
Garage Door Studio City Transformation Complete
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James showed up at 10am on the dot, just as the appointment called for. He replaced both my springs at a very reasonable price and serviced my door and opener while he was at it. Archway is always my go-to garage door company.Glen D.