Frazier Park Garage Doors Conversion

Nice looking garage for the car collector, isn't it? But it didn't start life as a garage, and this could never be classified as a standard Frazier Park garage doors installation. When they called us, this steel shed had one door; a massive overlapping 2-sided steel sliding door like you'd find on a barn. Each slider was about 30 feet long and weighed a ton, so it's easy to understand why the customer wanted to turn it into a 6-car garage. Having to open half of the wall to put stuff in or get it out doesn't make much sense. Pretty strenuous too. This project required a great deal of prep work before Archway could even consider hanging a single door. First the tear-down; removing the thick steel siding and old doors on the long wall. Next came the welding and rough framing. Creating individual openings started with welding angle iron to steel poles in the building's frame to form structural door headers. Next came adding 2 x 12 planks to the angle iron, this gave us wood to hang the new garage doors from, followed by installing framing for each new door was crafted from steel.

Of course, you know, each of these new Frazier Park garage doors needed tracks and opener motors, but the existing shed structure only offered a place to hang the openers. So, we attached more wood to the angle iron to hang the door tracks from. And to keep the interior cleaner and less cluttered, all the wiring was run through steel conduit. The result is a great looking space with industrial vibes, exactly what any vintage vehicle collector dreams of.

Frazier Park Garage Doors Conversion
Frazier Park Garage Doors Conversion
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