Home-Based Business Garage Access

Adding accommodations for students, clients or staff is something anyone running a business at home can face. In this particular situation, our client operates a dance studio in his garage. Instead of remodeling the garage and loosing the marketability of his residential property with a 2-car garage, he needed something a little unusual in terms of what the average homeowner is looking for in garage doors.

The dilemma was clear. The business owner needed to have easy entrance and exit access without disrupting a class or focused lesson. Having to raise the entire ‘wall’ of the studio as his dance clients come and go is definitely not a good situation. Opting for a man door in a one-piece light commercial garage door was the perfect solution.

While many would put down their foot at such a concept, providing comfort and continuity to one’s source of income takes precedence over stylishness. This gives him a temporary-permanent solution that puts the business owner in a win-win situation. As a dance instructor, he now has a more client-friendly garage, while it is needed for his business. As a homeowner, he can easily change the door to something with more curb appeal should he decide to sell in the future.

There’s a lot of reasons one might need new garage doors. It isn’t always remodeling for a prettier facade, but whatever the situation, you can count on Archway to come up with just the right solution to fulfill your needs.

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