Home styles seen around Westlake Village offer architectural styles through the eras from Old World splendor to today’s most contemporary home designs. No matter which you prefer, there’s bound to be the perfect place for you. Naturally, making the most of putting your personal stamp on this place called home includes exterior features and landscaping.

While you’re making home improvements and upgrades, it is wise to pay close attention to the garage door. Westlake Village curb appeal is greatly influenced by the stylish appearance of this large exterior element. It doesn’t matter if the property is valued in the millions or below $500 thousand, garage doors carry a lot of weight in determining how your home looks to others.

"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten."

Selecting a garage door is just as important as your front door. Many times people overlook the fact that the garage door is often the first thing visitors see, and the front door is second. More affluent neighborhoods tend to have custom garage doors that fit the home’s style. However, just because a house falls into a more moderate price range is no reason to resort to the basic white garage door. Not when you have options available that actually work with the color and style of your house. Now you’re getting into really impressive curb appeal.


Everyone of the homes in our examples gain lots of appeal simply by switching the garage doors. Westlake Village makeovers like this though have more to getting the right fit than color. There are features and elements in every home that give you guidelines to what will look great and what will look out of place. Done right, your new garage door will heighten the impact of your curb appeal and increase the value of your home. It is also an investment that will you repay you at least 90% of the cost.

Exhibit A – Now

Here that average white garage door, Westlake Village is totally out of character. It's all wrong for this affluent home.

Exhibit A – Possibilities

This concept improvement hides a basic white garage door. Westlake Village homes of this value deserve far better than that.

Exhibit B – Now

You need garage doors, Westlake Village homeowner, but your home deserves a style and color that compliments the features.

Exhibit B – Possibilities

Basic garage doors, Westlake Village homeowner, are out of sync with most homes and today's real estate market demands.


You have far more to gain from investing in quality garage doors than great looking style. These will be well built, lower maintenance and far more dependable. Granted, you’ll find less expensive garage doors available, but with this purchase there will be added costs if you settle for an inferior product. We’re all watching the prices paid for everything in today’s economy, but this investment is one that should be long lasting rather than one that is ongoing.

Part of any home’s maintenance will from time to time involve garage door repair. Westlake Village homeowners are always surprised when the garage door locks them in or out, or worse yet falls on their car. Sometimes its the age of the door at fault, but many times its all due to the quality of the materials involved. Inexpensive garage doors will have you seeking panel replacement, broken spring repairs and reoccurring off track issues. Over time, that great buy on a garage door can wind up costing you a whole lot more. Not to mention the annoyance factor.

In addition to being lower maintenance, a quality garage door with good insulation is going to save you money on monthly household bills. The higher the R rating, the less energy you will need for heating and cooling the rooms over and around your garage. Not only will you use less gas or electricity, you will also have a greener, more environmentally friendly home.

All of these benefits and curb appeal too? Yes, today’s garage doors are far more than just a utilitarian part of your home. One more homeowners should pay added attention to.


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