The Garage Door: Calabasas Styles

Living in Calabasas, puts you in a beautiful area of the San Fernando Valley that features a wide array of different architectural styles, many with Spanish or Mediterranean influence. No matter what a house is worth on the market, they all need garage doors. Naturally, the more affluent homes often have custom designs, where more modestly priced houses usually have a ready-made or semi-custom garage door. Still, many Calabasas homeowners haven’t all made the connection between garage door choices and the level of curb appeal impact they actually have.

New garage door designs offer lots of great options. This makes it easy to add instant exterior improvements that carry a lot of weight in increasing any home’s attractiveness, even in lower market value ranges. The one thing any realtor will tell you is to paint or upgrade the front door to increase buyer interest. Yet, many homes have the garage door and front door in full view of each other. Dressing up the entrance to the foyer only helps after they’ve passed the garage! Unless your garage is on another side of the house, you need to address both doors.

Homes with arched windows and doorways need different garage door design elements than those that have squared and boxy architectural features. This working with and not against the other shapes used in the your home’s overall design makes the garage door become one with the whole, rather than an added afterthought or a thing of utility. If standard colors don’t go with the house, that doesn’t make a white garage door the right one. In this situation, you’re wiser to invest in a better grade door if at all possible, or paint the door to match.

"Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten."

Your garage door is one home improvement feature you’re guaranteed will pay for itself. You can count on getting about 90% of your investment back. With something that can have this much impact on curb appeal, in any neighborhood, its surprising to see so many white garage doors in around town. Especially when the right door will up both your market value and your home’s marketability.


Until they’ve really seen the kind of transformation one can accomplish with garage doors, Calabasas homeowners may never consider how much impact this one change alone can have. Keep in mind that a basic garage door makes a house look average. By the same token, the market value of such a property will also be average. Easily turn up the curb appeal by adding the right garage door. It’s a move that pays for itself.

Exhibit A – Now

When updating your house's exterior, don't overlook the garage door. Calabasas home improvement gets a giant boost with the right garage door for the house.

Exhibit A – Possibilities

Why settle for that white garage door? Calabasas homes with great character have a door design that boosts curb appeal instantly.

Exhibit B – Now 

Anywhere in town, you'll have a better looking house with the right garage doors. Calabasas homes can far more appeal with just this one change.

Exhibit B – Possibilities

Your garage doors, Calabasas are a big part of what the exterior of your house looks like, so make it matter.


When you buy quality products, there are always better benefits than with less expensive choices. This is true of just about anything we purchase today. When it comes to your garage door, buying the best quality door you can work into the budget is very wise. It will save you money and aggravation for years to come.

No one plans on needing garage door repair. Calabasas homeowners who are shopping for a new door, are often more concerned with the price than how long it will give them worry-free use and beauty. You will be farther ahead at saving money with a good quality door every time. They are always made of better materials, cost less to maintain, and look great for decades. Better springs, better tracks and panels that won’t dent or fall apart every time you turn around. The same is true of garage door openers, so invest wisely.

Responsible citizens are looking for ways to cut back on energy use without reducing their quality of life. A well constructed garage door with good insulation will help to keep rooms above and around your garage more ambient in climate extremes. Just like shopping for windows to reduce your home’s heating and cooling demands, the higher the R rating on your garage door, the more money you’ll save every year.


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