Engineering Masterpiece – Castaic Garage Doors

This homeowner called a lot of different contractors to get garage doors in Castaic. They all told her that it was impossible to install three doors on two walls of a garage with two of them around the corner from each other. Here you are, living proof of Archway Garage Doors’ creative solutions to problems.

Not everyone will find themselves in such a predicament, but it was the only way the homeowner could get the use out of the garage she needed. No garage door company in the area would touch it.

Finally, she located Archway and we won’t be shy about it. We provided the perfect solution. Two of the door tracks are stacked on the ceiling, so both on opposing corners will open, and do so at the same time. See the images below.

Stacking Tracks: Custom Installation Garage Door, Castaic

If it weren’t for Liftmaster’s Jackshaft side-mount operator system, this project would never have been possible. At least, not without raising the roof and using different height garage doors on the two sides. Archway is much more than just another garage door company. If there’s a solution, we’ll find it. One that makes sense!

Here’s a photo of the Jackshaft opener used on this customized door installation.

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